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Kash Srinivasan Group provides management consulting services focused primarily on municipal water and wastewater utilities and leverages the extensive operational and management experience of its principal in this arena. The sustainability of human and natural ecosystems is a special commitment. Kash is an EnvisionTM Sustainability Professional.
North American Industry Classification System Code is: NAICS 541611

MBE/DBE Certifications

  • State of Delaware, Department of Transportation DBE Certification #C-1039
  • City of Philadelphia MBE Certification #111148
  • State of Virginia, SWaM #707724
  • State of Tennessee MBE Certification #081513-01
  • State of Maryland Certification #13-441
  • State of New Jersey – Unified Certification Program
  • Metropolitan Washington Unified Certification Program #14-03-03-N

Awards and Achievements

Kash has been recognized for his contributions to the field of engineering and environmental stewardship with various awards and accomplishments.


  • American Public Works Association, Delaware Chapter: Public Official Award, 2007
  • Water Resources Agency of the Delaware Basin, 2005: Samuel Baxter Award
  • Delaware Engineering Society, 2003: Government Engineer of the Year


Prior to forming the Kash Srinivasan Group, Kash was Commissioner of Public Works for Wilmington, the first city and major commercial and cultural center for the State of Delaware. Kash focused his career in municipal government on marshaling engineering, economic, cultural and business perspectives to enhance quality of life, urban sustainability and environmental protection. His extensive engineering background, broad municipal experience, leadership and collaborative skills enable him to develop and promote credible solutions for environmental control and energy management outcomes.

  • Partnered with a national Energy Service Company (ESCO) to develop and execute a $50 million comprehensive energy efficiency and operational strategy delivering annual costs savings of $1 million and reduced greenhouse gas emissions from city operations.
  • Helped create a finically and operationally successful long-term partnership with Veolia Water to manage staff and maintain the City’s regional wastewater treatment plant. This partnership is profiled in “Privatization of Wilmington, Delaware’s Wastewater System” in “America’s Water and Wastewater Industries: Competition and Privatization,” P. Seidenstat, M. Nadol, S. Hakim (editors), Public Utilities Reports, Inc. 2000.
  • Established the state’s first Stormwater Utility, which created an equitable way to recover stormwater management costs and positioned the City of Wilmington as a national leader on the issue.
  • Directed Wilmington’s $30 million combined sewer overflow mitigation program using innovative technologies. These technologies achieved the environmental objectives of the Clean Water Act.
  • Lead the $26 million Cool Spring Reservoir Park Project that converted an open finished water reservoir into a four block city park with an underground reservoir, successfully securing buy-ins from community leaders and local residents, and incorporating a competitive process for the park’s design.
  • Modernized the aging water production system, including converting a $19 million turn-of-the-century water filtration plant into ultrafiltration membrane technology.
  • Established a robust Geographic Information System (GIS) platform as the repository for the entire City’s distributed infrastructure asset information and to facilitated asset management and operational decision making.
  • Instituted major aesthetic and mobility enhancements in the public right-of-way, which triggered a significant private investment for the reconstruction and renovation of decaying and under-utilized properties, revitalized the Downtown District and created a neighborhood.
  • Established an incentive-based, curbside, single-steam recycling program in collaboration with Recyclebank which generated $500 thousand in savings and enhancing the City’s brand.
  • Built, managed and mentored significant cost savings and long-term benefits to the city through well-executed diverse, large-scale initiatives.

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