Current Engagements

  • KS Group is providing support to the Delaware Division of Public Health’s (DPH) “Sustainability One-on-One” initiative. This effort builds on an earlier “Water Infrastructure Needs Assessment” project completed in 2015. The focus is on small and medium sized municipal water systems. KSG is also supporting DPH on a feasibility assessment of a proposed major infrastructure project to develop a robust drought mitigation strategy through sharing of a municipally owned reservoir.
  • The City of Wilmington, Delaware has used a public-private partnership to operate and maintain its regional wastewater treatment facility since 1998. A new round of competitive procurement was initiated in 2019. KSG assisted with this major effort and is currently supporting the City with management oversight of the new operations contract.

Consulting Activities

  • 2015 Water infrastructure Needs Survey for the Delaware Division of Public Health and the State Water Infrastructure Advisory Council. View the full report. The link is located under “Program Overview” Labeled Water Infrastructure Advisory Council – Drinking Water Needs Assessment, February 2015.
  • Assessment of water system cybersecurity and development of a programmatic approach for the Delaware Division of Public Health.
  • Supported the development of a Bond Engineering Report for the Philadelphia Water Department for a 2015 Revenue Bond Issuance; sub-consultant to Black and Veatch on the project.
  • Decision support related to the privatized operation and maintenance of the Camden, NJ water and sewer systems;
    • developed an evaluation of alternative privatization structures and approaches to competitive procurement as a sub-consultant to Buchart Horn, inc./BASCO Associates.
    • supported development of an RFQ and the evaluation of proposals as a sub-consultant to Greeley and Hansen.
  • Decision support related to the procurement of a new long-term operations and maintenance contract for the Wilmington, DE wastewater treatment plant
    • Developed a two-step process for qualifying and selecting an O&M firm
    • Proposal evaluation and ranking support for a transparent selection.