Current Engagements

  • Delaware Division of Public Health “Sustainability one-to-one initiative”: this umbrella effort is an ongoing, multifaceted effort and has supported
    • Water Infrastructure planning:
    • Decision making on water system cybersecurity protection.
    • Facilitation of a farm-based source water protection mechanism in the Brandywine –Christina watershed
    • Facilitation of Asset management plans and updates for municipal systems
    • Decision making on affordability thresholds for SRF loans/grants
  • City Of Wilmington management decision support related to water and wastewater infrastructure and operations, including assistance with
    • Oversight of the long-term wastewater management, operations and maintenance contract
    • SRF loan support
    • Due diligence reviews of infrastructure plans
  • City of Chester, PA: sub-consulting support to PFM Group for the development of pro-forma annual budgets for Public Works and Parks services as part of a strategy for bringing the City out of receivership.
  • Town of Ocean View, DE: decision support related to the sale of the town’s water assets to a regulated utility.

Consulting Portfolio


  • Development of a State-wide “Needs Assessment” for water infrastructure based on replacement value, in 2015, with an update in 2022
  • Development of presentations and discussion documents to assist managers with understanding cyber risks and mitigation measures
  • Facilitation of a farm-based source water protection in the Brandywine –Christina watershed, leveraging USDA and other funds and engaging with conservation partners
  • Support for asset management implementations for municipal systems
  • Contributing ideas to rethink Delaware’s approach to affordability metrics, beyond the “percent of MHI” approach.
  • Assessing feasibility and impact on customers of the sale of small municipal utilities to regulated Delaware utilities; development of competitive procurement process and assistance with evaluation of responses where appropriate.


  • Development of competitive procurement mechanisms for the privatization of management, operations, and maintenance of water/wastewater facilities:
    • Camden, NJ (water and wastewater)
    • Wilmington, DE (wastewater)
    • Baton Rouge, LA (wastewater)
    • Hagerstown, MD (Pelletizer)

KSG served as co-consultant or sub-consultant in these projects.  KSG currently provides contract oversight support to Wilmington, DE.